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4th Oman Mathematics Day Celebrations – Conducted by the Math Section

Ms. Manitha Rijo     30-04-2019 10:12:22

Oman Mathematics Day is celebrated on Nov 22 ... Many programs all over the country mainly in the CoTs. The celebration was a great success in our college.
The Math Section of Information Technology Department, Nizwa College of technology celebrated the Oman mathematics day on 29th November ,2018 with a variety of programs. The program started with the seminars and student’s activity conducted by the Math Club. Math day focused on The theme “Mathematics education through ICT”
Mrs. Shreemathi marked beginning of the seminar sessions with the seminar of the topic “Enhancing students’ engagement using ICT in Math learning”. The seminar was very informative and suitable to the present scenario of teaching and learning as well as to the theme of the day’s celebrations. It also arouses the interest of the staff in integrating ICT.
The second session was handled by Dr. Senthil kumar on the topic “A concise introduction to functional equations” The presentation put an insight to the topic functional equations. The seminar was very informative and well organized.
The seminars were followed by the Math activity conducted by the students of the Math Club with their presentation and an interactive session focusing the students. In this event, Math Club students under the guidance and supervision of Math Club In -charge Dr. Moazzam Arif, actively participated.
Asma Humaid Al Rawahi, member of Math Club made a beautiful cube depicting Oman National Day Celebrations.
The another student Mallak Sulaiman Ahmed Al Busaidi spent around 30 minutes to present her slides on some wonderful facts about Mathematics, importance of mathematics in our lives, interesting videos related to Math puzzles and finally ended with Sudoku for students as well as teachers..
We appreciate the efforts, interest and involvement of students in the event and look forward to do better in future.
The celebration was concluded with the workshop on SPSS by Mr. Sudeerkumar. It was a practical session which helped the audience to understand the topic very well.
All Math Staff and Math Club students participated in the celebration and made it a great success.
The Celebrations were organized by the Staff Development Unit of the math section coordinated by Ms. Manitha Rijo with the Math Club coordinated by Dr. Moazzam and Dr. Naseer under the guidance of the HOS Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi.