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Accounting students’ Industrial visit to Al Anwar Ceramics SAOG (Thymsa) and Workshop visit’ to the Department of Engineering - NCT

Mr. Radhakrishnan Subramaniam      30-04-2019 10:10:45

Accounting students pursuing Advanced Diploma in Business Studies Department, as part of their student learning process, carried out twin visits: Industrial visit to Al Anwar Ceramics SAOG (Thymsa) and Workshop visit’ to Mechanical Engineering Laboratory and CNC Laboratory.

This visit was organized as part of Student Centered Learning (SCL) activity and is also mapped in the course delivery plan of Production and Operations Management course at the Advanced Diploma Level in Accounting specialization. There were 13 students in one section of this course. Students were segregated in one batch for orientation and were accompanied by the course tutor Mr. Radhakrishnan Subramaniam.

The visit to Thymsa plant of Al Anwar Ceramics SAOG was made on 5th February 2019 between 9:00 am and 11:45 am. NCT expresses its gratitude to the Finance Controller, Mr. Suresh Arunachalam for continued support extended to BSD – NCT. On reaching the plant the team of students and staff from NCT were welcomed by Mr. Moohideen Pitchai – IT Manager. Mr. Moosa Ali Abdullah Al Abri – IT Executive of the organization had an interaction session with students on various queries raised by students. By around 10:00 am Mr. Safwat Mohammed – Assistant Quality Control Manager too over the session and explained the production process and systems in the organization. This interactive session was followed by the plant visit. The students and staff were escorted to all the shop floors of the organization guided by Mr. Safwat Mohammed. At every process the students were able to see the practical work progressing in the organization. The safety and security of the students were ensured at every stage of the plant visit.

The Workshop visit to Mechanical Engineering Laboratory and CNC Laboratory was made on the same day afternoon between 12:15 pm and 1:15 pm. Mr. Anil Kumar M.K., the laboratory technician, led the students through Mechanical Engineering Workshop. The students were oriented on the importance of safety measures followed in the workshop, plant layouts and its logic, the nature of activities carried out in a training/educational institutions. The students were also led through various work stations viz. lathes, grinding stations, steel sheet cutting/ shearing machines, welding booths (Gas and ARC) etc. The student projects on display was a visual treat for the BSD students and staff. Mr. Anil Kumar M.K., also briefly explained the process of the functioning of Computerized Numerically Controlled machines.

Accounting students of Advanced Diploma in BSD expressed their gratitude for the guidance and support rendered by M/s Al Anwar Ceramics SAOG and NCT Engineering Department. The twin visit came to an end by around 01:15 pm on 5th February 2019.