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Student Peer Teaching conducted in Web Technologies Course as a part of SCL activity

Aruna Kumar Kavuru     30-04-2019 10:09:51

IT department is always ahead in implementing the college mission of delivering high quality student centered education. In order to achieve this mission, all the courses are implemented with various SCL activities. As part of the SCL activity, student peer teaching was organized in the course ITS103 - Web Technologies both in section 1 and section 4. In Section 1, the activity was carried out by Ms. TAGHARID KHALFAN RASHID AL ABRI with ID: s26j171913 on 13th March 2019 and in Section 4, the activity got carried out by Ms. NOORA MOHAMMED KHASIB SHINAIN AL HATTALI with ID: s26s1710 on 12th March 2019. Both the speakers have prepared the topic Forms and its controls to discuss with their peers in the class. They have started the lecture explaining about the form tag and its attributes. Different form controls such as Text box, password box, option buttons, checkboxes, email control, date control, combo box, text area etc., The discussion took place in both English and Arabic languages. The students were answering to the questions of the other students in the class. Later the lecturer Mr. Aruna Kumar appreciated both the students and further clarified the doubts of the students in the topic.