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Application of Nanotechnology in Engineering

Dr. Selvakumar Vairamuthu      30-04-2019 10:09:48

Staff Development Unit of the Engineering Department in coordination with
Human Resource Department organized a training program titled “Application of
Nanotechnology in Engineering” for the Engineering Department staff on 13th March
2019. Mr.J.Fakrudeen, Engineering Coordinator for SDU, welcomed the Engineering
staff who attended the program. The Seminar was conducted by Dr. Selvakumar
The seminar covered the following topics; update on the status of nano
technology developments in Engineering, highlighted advantages of implementing the
nano technology into products and Indicate the importance of moving forward with nano
technology implementations. Participants gained experienced in recent trends in
nanoscience and nanotechnology. Staff member’s queries were addressed by the
resource person at the end of the seminar. The overall seminar was informative and
useful with appreciation from the participants.