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BSD students win multiple prizes in the InterCollegiate Competitions held at Ibra College of Technology on 20th March 2019

Dr. David Rajesh     30-04-2019 10:11:34

Many congratulations to the BSD students who won laurels at Inter-College Competitions
‘INNOVATIA 2019’ conducted by Ibra College of Technology on 20th March 2019.
Students of various national background from Higher Educational Institutions such as Colleges
of Technology, Al Sharqia University, Oman College of Health and Sciences, Middle East
College etc., participated in the competitions.
BSD students from NCT won prize in all the competitive events conducted.
The details of events and prize are as follows:
1. Research Mind: (First Prize)
1.Hiba Nasser Khamis Al Busaidi (21S15191)
2.Monira Said Al Rashdi (26J166)
3.Maisa Abdullah Said Al Farqani (21S1450)
11. Sketch a Story: (First Prize)
1. Salah Saleh Al Saqri (21S13164)
2. Abdul Rahman (21S163062)
3. Omran Mussabah Al Jabri (21S162897)
III. Business Quiz: (Second Runner up)
Mohammed Salim Marzouq Al shukaili (21S1441419)
Mohemmed Hamad Al Haqani (21S116939)
Faisal Mohammed Saif Al Sabahi (21S14154)
IV. Business Talk (Second Runner up)
1. Loai Abdullah Hamood Al Subhi (21J1812372)
NCT also appreciates the trainers who coached the students for the competition:
Ms. Sangeetha T.R, Ms. Naureena, Ms. Nazeema Nazer, Mr. Mudasir, Ms. Nahid & Dr. David