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Awareness Session Conducted For Academic Staff On The Use Of Turnitin, Feedback Studio And Proquest

Ms. Alice Lontok     30-04-2019 10:11:44

Ms. Alice Lontok of IT Department conducted an awareness session about the proper use of Turnitin, Feedback Studio and ProQuest as part of the IT Department Staff Development Activity in coordination with the Human Resource Department. Staff from IT, Business and Engineering Departments attended the awareness sessions on 20th and 21st of March 2019. Ms. Alice discussed how to use the Turnitin in both Turnitin website and Moodle LMS platform. She made emphasis on the difference between using the Repository and No Repository options when submitting documents for text matching. She also demonstrated how use Turnitin effectively for getting originality reports for teacher’s documents (course materials, research paper) and for student assignments, how students could access Turnitin from website and from Moodle platform and how to use Feedback Studio in marking assignments submitted in Turnitin by using rubrics and ETS e-rater Grammar Check Technology. The awareness session also covered the techniques in using ProQuest databases to effectively discover reference materials, journals and dissertations and how to make it available for students in the Moodle LMS platform. The speaker was able to provide answers to the clarifications made by the participants and she gave suggestions for the effective use of these software. In general, the session was informative and appreciated by participants.