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BSD Project Presentation – Semester 2-2018-19.

Mr. Bakhtawar Durrani     30-04-2019 10:11:46

BSD Project Presentation – Semester 2-2018-19. BSD Project Team organized the Project presentations for all the students enrolled in Senior/Graduation project in Semester- 2 on 25th , 26th and 27th March 2019. Student’s research studies were reviewed and evaluated by a panel of Internal and External Examiners from respective specialisations. Dr Nawaz Khan, Accounting Lecturer, IBRA College of Technology and Dr Lenin kumar Nooney, Accounting Lecturer, NCT represented Accounting Specialisation. Dr.Sangeetha Natarajan, HRM Lecturer, NCT and Dr Viswanath Bijja, HRM Lecturer, IBRI College of Technology represented HRM specialization. Dr Shail Mastan Valli, Marketing Lecturer, IBRI college of Technology and Dr Renjith Kumar, Marketing lecturer, NCT represented Marketing Specialisation. Totally 130 students participated in the evaluation process in 29 groups from Advance Diploma and B Tech level.