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Pre-auditing awareness workshop on the new GFP mechanism by Dr. Muhammed Basheer

Manitha Rijo     30-04-2019 10:06:22

As part of staff development program as well as a part of audit, Dr. Mohammed Basheer conducted an awareness program regarding the new GFP mechanism at 10:00 A.M on 15th April, 2019 in LR 1. The workshop intended to prepare the staff for the audit as well as for the General Foundation Program Curriculum Development - Stakeholders’ Feedback. The GFP co-ordinator Dr.Muhammed Basheer explained about the new mechanism of the GFP and compared with old mechanism. Gave a brief description about the learning outcomes of each course. The workshop also explained about the different courses that is offered in different levels, the type of students that comes into each course. The criterion that is followed in the conducting of exams. The presenter also explained about the placement test that is conducted as the students enter the college and how they are placed into different levels. The queries of the staff were clarified in the workshop, which is helpful for the audit. The power point presentation gave an insight on the new mechanism. The staffs were updated with the new changes and the different activities that is being conducted with the GFP program courses. The question and answer section of the workshop involved all staff to interact and clarify their queries regarding the GFP program. The workshop was very informative .It gave an overall idea about the GFP program and the different aspects of the program. The exam and moderation procedures for the GFP math courses were explained. The workshop prepared the staff for the audit and the stakeholder’s feedback on curriculum development. Overall, the workshop was very useful.