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E-Assessment for interpreting equation and graphs” presentation by Dr. Naseer Ahmed & Mr. Ranjith Kumar

Manitha Rijo     30-04-2019 10:06:19

As part of Staff Development Unit of the Math Section, a workshop was conducted on “E-Assessment for interpreting equation and graphs” on 21st February,2019 in LR 14 lab at 10:45 AM. Dr. Naseer Ahmed and Mr. Ranjith conducted the workshop.

This workshop was conducted as instructed by Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi, HoS math Section. The workshop focused on the coverage of the learning outcome “Use appropriate software do interpret equations and Graphs” in Pure Math. The main aim of the workshop was to inculcate the usage the software Geogebra into the course and how to use the free and open source software Geogebra to interpret graphs. By including the feedback and suggestion by the participants, the Moodle online activity, which could be answered by using software GeoGebra, was created as one of the continuous assessment.

The pure math staff members agreed to conduct similar workshop for the pure math students as a SCL activity before conducting the continuous assessment in it. The workshop was very useful and productive in classroom teaching and learning. The workshop helped the staff to use the software in explaining the outcome and use to conduct activity-based assessment.