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Session on ISACA’s Academic Offerings on Wednesday, 01-May-2019

Dr. Mary Amirtha Sagayee     06-05-2019 08:23:23

ISACA an independent, non-profit, global association engages in the development, adoption and use of
globally accepted, industry-leading knowledge and practices for Information Systems, ISACA Muscat
chapter is having 250+ professionals as members in the field of IT, Audit, Finance, Information Security,
Risk, Governance and Compliance.
This program was organized by ISACA Muscat Chapter, which was exclusively for academicians in
accounting, auditing information system, Information systems/MIS, Computer Science, Engineering.
Deans, HODs and Professors from various Universities and Colleges in Oman attended this session.
On behalf of Nizwa College of Technology, Dr G Mary Amirtha Sagayee from IT department attended the
brief session about ISACA’s internationally acclaimed certifications, Volunteer in R & D, eLibrary, On line
resources: K-NET, Journal, ISACA’s model curriculum for colleges and universities, educational materials
for professors and teachers, MIT’s center for Information Systems Research (CSIR).
During this session, the board of ISACA congratulated Nizwa College of Technology, since NCT-ISACA
Student Group (ISG) is established first in OMAN by ISACA Muscat chapter and the board members of
ISACA wishes our NCT-ISACA Student Group(ISG) members.
The annual plan of NCT-ISG activities for the year 2019-2020 is under progress with the support of ISACA
Muscat chapter.