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Math Staff Conducted a Workshop on Difference Equations

Manitha Rijo     23-05-2019 09:59:37

The staff development unit of the Math section conducted a workshop for the staff on 25 th April, 2019. The presenter Mr. Gopal Thangavel spoke on “Introduction to Difference equations” inA121 between 12:00- 1:00 pm. The presenter discussed about the definition of difference equation, linear first order difference equations and types of homogenous and nonhomogeneous equations. Then continued with equilibrium points and how to find equilibrium points from the difference equations. Further, Numerical solution of Differential equations and Difference equations by using Euler's method was explained with details of table values and graph. Also how to find the solutions by using Newton Raphson method. The discussion was about the linear difference equations of higher order and system of linear difference equations as well. Finally explained the topic of Z-transform, definition and region of convergence and its examples. Convolution theorems on Z-transform and initial and final value of Z-transform was also explained in detail. Winded up with the inverse Ztransform and solutions of difference equations. The workshop was very informative. The presenter gave a detailed explanation on the different aspects of the topic. The staff development activity was conducted by the SDU Math Section of the ITD under the guidance of Section Head Dr Khalifa Al Shaqsi, coordinated by Ms Manitha Rijo.