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IT Department Math Staff conducted Blended Learning workshop at HCT, Muscat

Naseer Ahmed Abdul Shukoor     30-06-2019 14:08:47

The workshop entitled "Blended Learning through E-Assessment" was conducted by Naseer Ahmed Abdul Shukoor and Ranjith Kumar of Nizwa College of Technology (NCT) in cooperation with the Math section, Higher College of Technology (HCT), Muscat on 27th June 2019 for the representatives of all Colleges of Technology (CoTs). Dr. Naseer Ahmed and Mr. Ranjith Kumar, handled the introductory and practical sessions respectively. There were around 35 participants who benefited from this workshop. Lecturers of NCT-Math section, Ms. Manitha Rijo and Dr. Mohammed Naheed attended the workshop as participants. The workshop began with the explanation of the definition of Blended Learning and its possible adoption in colleges of technology through E-Assessment. Then, the speaker explored the limitations of usage of PROQUEST and TURNITIN for Math courses’ materials and Math assignments respectively. He then briefed and compared the different types of Creative Common licenses used for Open Educational Resources and its limitations in usage with General Public License used for Free and Open Source Software and its limitations were used by teachers. He explained the way of adopting the learning management system-Moodle which is already used in all CoTs for blended learning through various activities. Finally, the speaker ended the session by highlighting the advantages of question types like calculated questions, calculated multiple choice questions, formula questions and its limitations in Moodle. The second session was hands-on session that is further partitioned into three parts. The speaker, Mr. Ranjith Kumar, demonstrated and distributed the task to the participants to experience the advantages and limitations of the calculated question type, calculated multiple choice question type and formula question type respectively. It was a highly interactive session. The speaker answered the questions/doubts posted by the participant well. He cleared the doubts through demonstration. Finally, he showed the practices and question settings that are used to conduct continuous assessment as e-assessment of NCT-Math section. Through his demonstration, he highlighted the role of a mathematician and his importance in the creation of such question types. The participants of all other CoTs highly appreciated the way of conducting the workshop and the practices followed by the NCT-Math section for e-assessments. They all agreed to experiment the same practices in their campus. At the end of the session, Dr. Saad Ahmed, Head of Math Specialization Committee, appreciated the efforts taken by speakers by presenting them with certificates of appreciation.