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Student Peer Teaching conducted in Data Structures Course as a part of SCL activity

Sonia Victor Soans     07-07-2019 08:23:06

This semester student peer teaching was conducted in this course ITSE205 - Data Structure and Algorithm as a part of the SCL activity proposed. On 17th June 2019, Malik Mohammed Khasib Shinain Al Hattali presented the topic called “Quick Sort” by teaching it to the students in the class. He explained the algorithm on the board and used the Powerpoint presentation to teach the theory behind the algorithm. Finally, he wrote the entire program on the board explaining every part of it with examples. Mallik explained the topic very well. He spoke both in English and Arabic languages. At the end of the activity he asked questions and the students answered the questions comfortably. Ms. Sonia Soans the course tutor appreciated the efforts of the student and encouraged other students to carry on with this trend in future for other courses.