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Workshop on “Formula Based questions in Moodle”

Dr. Kasimayan Thavamani     15-10-2019 10:33:47

Staff Development Unit of the Engineering Department in coordination with Human Resource Department organized a training program titled “Workshop on “Formula Based questions in Moodle” for the Engineering Department staff on 09th October 2019. 50 faculties of Engineering Department have attended this workshop Mr.J.Fakrudeen, Engineering Coordinator for SDU, welcomed the Engineering staff who attended the program. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. Kasimayan. Moodle has different tools/modules to enhance the teaching and learning process. “Formulas” is one of the tool used mainly for the students’ assessments. Engineering problematic questions can be implanted in an effective way with the help of the random and global variables. Moodle has been facilitated to generate a maximum of 1000 random questions that may help the students learning process. This workshop gives hands on experience for the faculty in preparing formula based questions which can be used for quiz, Assignments, etc., Staff member’s queries were addressed by the resource person. The overall workshop was informative and useful with appreciation from the participants.