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Public Speaking Competition

Michael Kamalesh     21-10-2019 09:48:08

The English Language Center hosted the Preliminary round of the ELC- Public Speaking Competition on 16.10.19(Wednesday) at 8 am in the Jibreen Hall.
32 students from the General Foundation Program participated in the event.
The Chairman of the ELC-English Club Mr.Salah Al Fahadi welcomed the gathering. He introduced the judges for the day as well as the members of the organizing team.
The Head of the English Language Center Mr.Sultan Al Dighaishi in his welcome address urged the students to make use of this excellent platform to horne their Language skills.

The winners of the event were:
1) Miss.Amira Masoud Al Shukaili ( Level-3,Group-I.4)
2) Miss.Iman Yahya Al Abadi (Level-3,Group I-4)
3) Mr.Mujahid Harib Salim Al Mahruqi(Level-3,Group I-1)
4) Miss.Buthaina Mahdi Ali Al Shukaili (Level-4,Group A-17)

The above mentioned winners will participate in the Semi-Finals.