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‘Impact of HR Practices in Oil and Gas Sector of Oman – Post Drop in Oil Prices’

BSD     07-11-2019 10:04:33

On 2 nd October 2019, as part of URG project completion, the Business studies Department conducted a Panel Discussion on ‘Impact of HR Practices in Oil and Gas Sector of Oman – Post Drop in Oil Prices’ in Adam Hall, Nizwa College of technology. This project was sponsored by TRC Oman to the research students Mariya Al Kindi, Afrah Al Hinai and Hiyam Al Gahfri and the mentorship of Dr. Mohammed Kutpudeen. The oil prices witnessed a substantial downturn in 2014 which lead to many problems faced by companies relying on oil as the major sources of income. Many companies around the world were affected due to drop in Oil prices. Oman is not exceptional. Hence it has been decided to conduct a panel discussion which composed CEOs of Petroleum companies of Oman to share the best HR being followed in their respective organizations in specific and Oman in general. There were 197 participants both staff and students have registered in the event while the actual attendance is more than 200. Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi, Focal point, TRC guided the event so clearly and approved the financial aspects of this event. The programme began with an introductory speech by Dr. Mohammed Kutpudeen, Mentor of the project. Mariya Al Kindi gave a welcome address. Khalid Al Mahrouqi introduced the guests. Mr. Alban Pierchon, Country manager of PCM delivered his first speech with the aid of PPTs followed by Mr. Abdullah Al Shukaili, CEO of an independent Omani Training Organisation. Ms. Mariya Al Kindi opened the question and answer session immediately after the speech. Many questions were clarified by the guest speakers. General participants were also given opportunity to clarify their doubts. Ms. Turkiya Al Busaidi, HOD Business Studies Department honored the guest speakers by giving certificates and mementos. The whole programme was video recorded for research purpose with the help of ETC staff. The event ended with final remarks and vote of thanks by Ms. Afrah Al Hinai.