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Dr.Murali.N     02-12-2019 15:06:34

Staff Development Unit of the Engineering Department in coordination with Human Resource Department organized a training program titled “Workshop on “GENETIC ALGORITHM TOOLBOX USING MATLAB FOR MECHANICAL ENGINEERING" for the Mechanical Engineering staff on 20th November 2019. Mr.J.Fakrudeen, Engineering Coordinator for SDU, welcomed the Engineering staff who attended the program. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. Murali.
Genetic algorithm optimization tool box using MATLAB is most economical solution for any of the engineering and practical problems. Once system objective function and constraints are given, the objective minimization is achieved for cost effective variables. It is easy to use and caters for all standard engineering applications, high end applications in new technologies and graphical interface for the users. The output graphs can be easily obtained and can be utilized for other purposes.

Highlights of genetic algorithm tool box using MATLAB
1- Economical all-in-one solution with broad coverage of state-of-the-art for all applications
2- Modelling capability is flexible for different problems.
3- Unlimited opportunities in process optimization based on integrated functionality
4- Professional support via MATLAB central

The overall workshop was informative and useful for all the participants