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BSD Entrepreneurial Week and Exhibition- Semester 1 AY 2018-19

Business Department     09-02-2020 07:58:05

As a part of curricular activity, the Entrepreneurship lecturers and students organized a Three
Day Entrepreneurship event from 11th November to 13th November 2019 in NCT campus. This event is
conducted for the 7th time in the NCT campus.
The event was inaugurated by the Honorable Dean Dr Ahmed Al Shahri. Ms. Turkiya Al Busaidi,
HoD - BSD and many academic, non-academic staff and students attended the inaugural ceremony.
The event featured a Poster Competition and Product sales competition. In Poster Competition,
Entrepreneurship students presented their innovative product ideas. A total of 5 groups participated in
this competition and presented posters. These posters were evaluated on criteria such as Novelty of the
idea, Technical feasibility, Marketing feasibility, Useful for society, Communication.
In Product sales competition, around 62 groups of students participated selling variety of
products. These groups were evaluated on criteria such as out Pricing, Promotion, Display, Packaging,
Communication. The aim of this activity was to encourage the students to come up with their creative
ideas and develop team building, leadership, communication, negotiation, marketing and finance
management skills.
In addition to the above two mentioned competitions, three additional competitions were
conducted for the general student audience that included identifying renowned entrepreneurs around the
world and in Oman, identifying the names of well-established companies by their logos and cross word
puzzle on entrepreneurship to give better insight and understanding about the concepts of
entrepreneurship to the students and thereby to inspire them to take entrepreneurship as a career in
future and contribute positively to the growth and development of the country.
The entire event witnessed very high levels of energy and enthusiasm from the students as well
as the entire teaching and non-teaching staff.
In the end, the judges were thanked for spending their valuable time and sharing their valuable
suggestions and feedback. The event concluded at 2.00 pm on 13th November, 2019.