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Orientation Session on OAAA, ISAA, SP, and OP

Ramon Mangampo Jr.     09-12-2019 09:01:32

The Self-Assessment Working Group 1 (Governance and Management) in collaboration with the Quality Assurance Department conducted the first awareness session for staff in preparation for the upcoming Institutional Standards Assessment of NCT. It was the college management initiative to form an Engagement and Awareness Functional Team composed of members from different SAWG to facilitate a series of awareness sessions for staff and students. Dr. Rolando Lontok, the acting head of QAD enlighten everyone in this session by informing them about the OAAA, ISAA, OP, and SP. He reminded everyone about the role of OAAA and the assessment they are conducting in Oman. He also explains the difference in the assessment of 2011 from the one currently being prepared. He even explained that aside from the Institutional Standards Assessment, there is another working group preparing for the accreditation of the GFP Program. The content of the new Strategic Plan and how it is prepared were also part of the discussion, he also mentions a few things from the Operational plan. The session was lively because questions were being asked from time to time through and staff are participating.
The awareness session helps everyone remember important information and probably educate some of them about new things in accreditation and standards assessment. This first session was attended by the college management, heads from different departments/centers/units and staff. It was a success based on the number of participants and how they connect during the discussion. This kind of activity will help NCT in achieving its goals in which one of them is passing the Institutional Standards Assessment.