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Math Staff Attend Workshop on Algebra and Geometry

Dr. Muhammed Basheer     12-02-2020 07:37:05

The Oman Mathematics Committee in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics of SQU was conducted the workshop titled with Algebra and Geometry on 18 th of December, 2019. The workshop had been intended many areas of Algebra like Vector fields, Monads and Techniques of Idealization. There was a good lecture session on the Ricci Collineations for Plane symmetric lorentzian Manifolds. After the tea break there was an excellent session on Vector Bundles Associated to monads on Projective Spaces by Mr. Damian. M. Maingi. The mathematics research scholar Ms. Zainab Almamari was presented her research preparation on the Frobenius Manifolds from Irreducible Representation.

The work shop was very good and informative especially for those who are interested to do the research in the field of Algebra.

There are huge number of participants from different Higher Education Institutes all over the Oman including College of Technologies as five Math lecturers, Dr. Muhammed Basheer, Dr. Prabhakara Reddy, Mr. Gopal, Dr. Senthil and Dr. Srinivas were attended the work shop from Math section of Nizwa College of Technology.

The power point presentation gave an excellent insight on the topics. The question and answer session of the workshop involved most of the participants to interact and clarify the queries on the topics discussed by the speakers. The photo session also held at last.