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Engineering Department organized a guest lecture on “4th Industrial Revolution and Future Skills”

Mr. Mohammed Ismail Iqbal     09-02-2020 07:08:38

Engineering Department organized a guest lecture on the topic “4th Industrial Revolution and future skills” on 29.01.2020 at Jibreen Hall. The event started with recitation of Quranic verses by Mr. Nooh the student of Oil & Gas. Mr. Fazal ur Rahman HOS, M&I Section gave the welcome speech and introduced the guest to audience. Head of the Department, Dr. Majdi Mohammed Said Bait Ali Sulaiman felicitated the Guest Mr. Yaqoob AL Hattali with appreciation certificate and memento as token of receipt. The resource person for the event was Mr. Yaqoob Al Hattali, Co-founder and Managing Director of Frontier Technologies, Oman. The talk encompassed a brief introduction on 4th Industrial revolution, effect of technology on everyone’s lifestyle, digitization with Industry 4 Landscape, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Clouding, Cyber security, including smart fields and data grid of Oil & Gas Industry.The present state of affairs of any business can be said as a shift from humans-teachingmachines to machines-teaching-humans, thereby leading to technology driving the values of any business. The lecture not only dealt on the core of digitization, it also covered how various verticals of present day industry Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, deep learning algorithms are interlinked. The 2nd half of the lecture covered the key example for Digitization with Oil & Gas Case study corrosion in oil and gas industry and thermo graphic inspection of pipelines. He also briefed the use of drones for inspections in to inspect, leak, corrosion and general monitoring in pipelines. Finally, he addressed the audience by saying the Industrial revolution is not about the machines or robots replacing humans, but in fact, the need for young Omani’s to focus on skills at college and in training that would really shape both themselves and the future of Oman. In his stricter sense, computers and technology is not an asset, actually the brain and the irreplaceable human skills. Awareness like this at collegiate level can drive the future entrepreneurs of Oman to make a wise investment on all areas of businesses. With this key takeaway, the session fruitfully ended with vote on thanks given by Mr. Mohammed Ismail Iqbal thanking each and every one who supported the event to taken place.