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IEEE event

Eng     09-02-2020 08:17:42

The NCT IEEE student Branch conducted a motivational talk on on 5.2.2020 (Wednesday) in Jibreen hall at 10. AM. The objective of this event is to cover the importance and global benefit of IEEE student’s membership and motivate the students to be the part of IEEE student chapter. IEEE Student Branch Chair, Ms. Suha Yaqoob Ambu’ali explained about, as a student member of IEEE the variety of resources and valuable opportunities available to help the students career in advance, online search and tools that enable members to connect with the technical and engineering experts worldwide, gain access to more than 2 million documents like conferences, journal publications magazine etc. Also she explained about the discount for the IEEE members in various conferences and workshop- seminars organized by the IEEE section. Around 50 students have attended this event. Students are benefited with the detailed information provided by the speaker and they had a very good interactive session. The introduction and welcoming the gathering was done by the IEEE student Branch Counsellor Dr. Bensujin, Head of the sectionEngineering Department, and the event was coordinated by IEEE Student Branch coordinator Dr. Annamalai Muthu, Engineering Department. The session ends at 11.30 AM. Around 20 Students Enrolled their name to be the part of IEEE student Chapter.