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Kaspersky at NCT

Mr.Rommel Halcon      11-02-2020 10:03:10

A team from Kaspersky visited Nizwa College of Technology last January 29, 2020 headed by their Enterprise Account Manager, Mr. Sujith Parambath and Senior Cyber Security Consultant, Mr. Hafeez Ur Rehman which were both from Dubai.
While a team from NCT lead by Acting Head of Center, Mr. Said Al Ramidhi, Senior Server Administrators, Mr. Ali Al Darai and Mr. Arnel Marquez, Cyber Security Specialist, Mr. Ayman Al Sabahi and Network Administrators, Mr. Ashrap Habil and Mr. Rommel Halcon welcomed them amenably.
Seeking to improve the security of the college network infrastructure and its end clients, Mr. Ayman requested a session with the approval of Mr. Said to Kaspersky. The session was about the company introduction and presentation of products and services with a brief workshop on the trends and updates of Kaspersky.
The gathering allowed the team from NCT to know more about the improvement and how Kaspersky products manages certain issues like deployment and management of anti-virus, detection and remediation of threat and attacks and others. Concluding the engagement are photo opportunities inserted above