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Engineering Department organized a training Program on Analysis of Power Plant Cycles

Dr.Vinayagam     18-02-2020 10:49:30

Staff Development Unit of the Engineering Department in coordination with Human Resource Department organized a training program titled “Analysis of Power Plant Cycles” for the Mechanical Engineering staff on 05th February 2020. The Workshop was conducted by Dr. Vinayagam.N Today, most of the electricity (around 80%) produced throughout the world is from thermal (steam & gas) power plants. However, electricity is being produced by some other power generation sources such as hydropower, wind power and solar cells, etc. The technological investigations and analysis of various important characters affecting the thermal power plant’s overall efficiency and other related factors responsible for deviation from ideal working of the Rankine cycle have been discussed. The efficiency of a simple Rankine cycle is improved by using intermediate reheat cycle, enabling improved thermal conditions of the working fluid. However, it cannot reach the thermal conditions as in the case of the Carnot cycle where heat addition and heat rejection occurs at a specified temperature range. The regeneration is vital to improve the efficiency as it uses the sensible heat of exhaust steam for the preheating of feed water. Inclusion of a FWH also introduces an additional pressure level into the Rankine cycle. The extraction pressure level is another parameter under the control of the designer. The control of steam condenser pressure i.e. condenser vacuum and supply of condenser tube cooling water is another parameter which affects the steam thermal power plant efficiency have been identified and analyzed for improved working of thermal power plants. The overall program was informative and useful with appreciation from the participants. The session ended with vote of thanks by Mr.J.Fakrudeen, Engineering Coordinator for Staff Development Uni