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Minutes of meeting Strengthen cooperation between NCT & and Lulu hypermarket

Mr.Ismail Al-Riyami     03-03-2020 09:02:12

Date of meeting: 10th February 2020
Venue: Counseling Department Meeting Room
Members present: • Mr. Sulaiman Al Harthi (ICLC Head)
• Mr. Ismail Al Riyami (AHGS)
• Mr. Samir AlMahrouqi (OJT)
The following were discussed with the representatives:
• Mr. Sulaiman Al Harthi welcomed the guests and he explained the importance of cooperation between the college and Lulu hypermarket.
• Discussed the possibility of employing our students in Lulu hypermarket as part-time according to the ministry of manpower decision.
• NCT members raised the proposal of sponsoring of the college Activity to Lulu hypermarket management. •
Discussed the various aspects of cooperation in (on job training) program.