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SDU – IT & Engg. Departments hosted guest lectures on Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI

Ms. Sonia V. Soans     09-03-2020 07:41:19

The Staff Development Unit (SDU) of Information Technology department in collaboration with Engineering department hosted a workshop on Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI on 4 th March 2020 in the Computer Lab, ITD, Nizwa College of Technology.

Two professional speakers Dr. Prakash Kumar Udupi, Program Manager - Department of Computing, Middle East College, Muscat and Dr. Manju Jose Department of Computing, Middle East College, Muscat, were invited on this occasion. They shared their knowledge and gave hands on experience in topics like Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI. The workshop began at 10 am with a warm welcome extended by the IT Department HoD Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili and Engineering Department HoD Dr. Majdi Mohammed Bait Ali Sulaiman. Dr. Rolando Lontok spoke a few words to highlight the importance of this workshop in current research environment. He highlighted the importance of Machine Learning as a beginning to novel research projects.

Dr. Sivakumar introduced Dr. Manju Jose to the audience and she began her talk. She used Anaconda with Jupyter to demonstrate data analytics. She gave an insight to how data analytics could be performed using Python. After the lunch break, Ms. Alice Lontok introduced the second speaker of the day Dr. Prakash Kumar Udupi who explained Machine Learning and AI with various examples and hands on computers. All participants worked on their PCs to understand the concept. Students and staff who had registered for this workshop earlier participated enthusiastically.

A lot of participants benefitted from the talks given by the speakers. The program ended with vote of thanks by IT HoD Dr. Duhai Al Shukaili. The program was coordinated by Ms. Sonia V. Soans, SDU –coordinator of IT Department and Dr. Bensujin from Engineering department.