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Engineering Department Organized Outcome Based Lecture on Core Analysis and Sampling Equipment for Oil & Gas Students

Mr. Mohammed Ismail Iqbal & N Rakesh     10-03-2020 08:57:16

The Department of Engineering, NCT, organized an outcome based lecture titled ‘Core Analysis and Sampling Equipment’ to 2 nd year Diploma in Oil and Gas Students, on 4 th March 2020 at 12 noon. The lecture was given by Mr. Mazin and Mr. Hazem, Senior Technician and Field Geologist of Shuram Oil & Gas, respectively. The first session, Mr. Hazem, covered the core handling, cutting procedures and best practices of taking plugs and trim for analyzing the rocks for oil and gas presence.

The usual slabs of 1/3rd and 2/3rd plugs in plugging machine and how the same was wax preserved. Moreover, the gas sample meter iso-tube and iso-jar, for measuring the API gravity of fluid, the washing of rock specimens with varied coolant, water, dead oil, salt water and liquid N2, the calibration steps for machines, geo chemical core analysis, etc, were briefed. This session also brought the seriousness of the oil and gas technician skill in how meticulous each step is, like as it is in TOC measurement, Core Gamma Ray, Scanning Electron Microscope, CT Scanning –use of light photography for understanding the micro fractures, Porosity Permeability, Grain density calculation, etc.

What is worth mentioning is, the video demonstration of Shurom Oil & Gas technician explaining the skills of how the thin film of the rock plug and trim are taken, shaped, preserved and studied. In the second session, Mr. Mazin, explained the source and reservoir outcrops, how the unconformity helps the formation of traps, salt diapirs, etc. He also commented how the Omani rocks are resourceful geologically and the need for persevering the heritage and for understanding the oil and gas science and engineering with respect to time. He also showed a picture presentation of his geological field trips, which is one of very rare experiences for students.

The students felt highly inspired as this the real technician’s kind of a thing, their duties and roles; an understanding on what their first months of training in an oil and gas company would look like. The success of this lecture, worthy penning down, is about the natural transition of a technical lecture into interactive session even before a Q&A session was called in.