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“Corporate Governance and Ethical issues in Business Law”

BSD     12-03-2020 11:06:25

Dr Sangeetha Natarajan organized a Guest Lecture on topic, ‘Corporate Governance and ethical issues in Business Law” under Human Resource Specialization on October 3rd March 2020 at 2pm to 3.30 pm. The session started with a welcome note by students. Ms Lubna Hamed Al Hinai, Lawyer in Dr Assad Al Hadhrami Firm, the resource person presented the lecture to Business students and staff members. The objective of the program is to enrich the students on various applications of Business Law and its legal provisions in respect to governance and ethics and to demonstrate an understanding of fraudulent and criminal behavior like market abuse, money laundering, fraudulent trading, wrongful trading, bribery, offences etc. in the context of business law. Around 20 students participated in the Guest Lecture. The presentation was followed by audience interaction and clarification of queries raised from students and staff members. The session ended with a word of thanks by Dr Sangeetha Natarajan, Course Coordinator, followed by Madam Turkiya Al Busaidi, Head of Business Studies department honoring the resource person with a certificate of appreciation.