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Webinar on “Enrich Math content in MOODLE using LaTeX with Mathpix”

Ms. Manitha Rijo     02-06-2020 13:58:17

Webinars took over seminars and online classes took over classrooms as it has become the need of the hour. The Math section of the Information Technology Department organized the first webinar to fight against Covid-19 restrictions of having social distancing which became a barrier in having seminars, workshops, and other classroom lectures. COVID-19 made all of us sit at home and gave opportunities to explore and utilize the available online resources and platforms for the teaching and learning processes. As academicians, it is our responsibility to adopt the new methodology for teaching and learning to overcome all kinds of restrictions and hurdles that arise. The webinar was presented by Mathematics lecturer Dr. Naseer Ahmed on Sunday, 31st May 2020 which aimed at creating online assessments in the Learning Management System MOODLE. The topic for the webinar was titled as “Enrich Math content in MOODLE using LaTeX with Mathpix”. The webinar was open to all Math staff of seven CoTs in the Sultanate of Oman. Around 115 Math staff from different colleges of Technology benefited out of it. Dr. Naseer spoke for about 2 hours discussing the various aspects of configuring the additional Math plug-ins in the MOODLE server and elaborated on the effective usage of Formula Question type to conduct summative e-assessments. Dr. Naseer Ahmed, Lecturer, Math Section of Nizwa College of Technology is well-versed in creating eassessments using different plug-ins in MOODLE and he coordinated with the team of Math staff in NCT to come up with the first online math placement test using calculated multichoice question type of MOODLE in which the distinct set of questions was generated for each student using the various features of Moodle. The webinar was quite informative and attractive to create e-assessments that help to develop different sets of question papers as well as corresponding answer keys where each student gets a different question paper. The webinar was coordinated by Ms. Manitha Rijo, ITD, SDU member from the Math Section under the guidance and motivation of Dr. Khalifa Al-Shaqsi, Head of Math Section and Math Specialization Committee of CoTs, with the support of IT department head Dr. Duhai Khalifa Duhai Al-Shukaili and Mr. Eshaq Al Mandhari Head of ETC. All attendees from NCT and other colleges effectively participated in the webinar and made it a great success.