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IT Department conducts a Webinar on Effective Usage of Formula Type Questions in Moodle

Ms. Sonia Soans and Dr. Duhai Alshukaili     22-06-2020 12:30:12

Promoted by the need for adopting new approaches to enhance online learning in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT Department Staff Development Unite (SDU) has organized a webinar on “Effective Usage of Formula Type Questions in Moodle”. Dr. Naseer Ahmed Shukoor, Mathematics Lecturer, presented the webinar. Dr. Naseer demonstrated how to use some features in Moodle to auomatically generate multiple sets of question papers. In particular, he focused on the use of formula type questions. He explained how to use variables of different values to generate different copies of exam items. The methods presented can potentailly reduce the time needed when developing many sets of question papers. The IT Department has been at the forefront in utlizing platforms such as Moodle to enrich students’ learning experience at Nizwa College of Technology (NCT). The ITD capability has facilitated the adoption of online learning in the wake of the current worldwide pandemic in using such platforms. The webinar is the first in a series of future webinars aimed at sharing practices and experinces among staff in the department.