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IT Department conducts a Webinar for all COTs of Oman

Dr. Sivaprasatham Venkatasubramanian     15-02-2021 09:21:00

The IT Department Staff Development Unit (SDU) organized the second webinar on Webinar under the guidance of the Head of IT Department Dr. Duhai Alshukaili on "Explore Julia - A Pragmatic Approach with hands on exploration". Dr. Sivaprasatham Venkatasubramanian, IT Lecturer, presented the webinar.
Dr. Mani had expressed that the objective of the webinar was to share the knowledge with the academic community to extend their technical knowledge and appreciate the new programming language design and implementation. The technical design aspects of Julia language was discussed along with how it is different from other existing popular programming languages like MATLAB, R, Python, JAVA, PERL, and LISP. The best features of the language was programmatically demonstrated after explained the various workflows to work with Julia language. This is the best suitable language for Data Science, mathematical and scientific computing. Also, it was mentioned that Julia language has been downloaded 13 million times and it is used at more than 1500 universities and colleges. There are many Julia computing enterprise products getting popular among the customers like JuliaSure, JuliaTeam, JuliaRun, and Pumas.
The webinar was moderated by Mrs. Sonia V.Soans , SDU Representative. More that 120 participants from all colleges of Technology benefitted the introduction to a new programming language. The overall feedback of the webinar was overwhelming and a motivation to have many more such activities in the near future.