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Webinar on Wave Propagation in different elastic solids by Maths staff

Dr. Srinivas Remidi     15-02-2021 09:21:37

As part of staff development activity of the Math section webinar was conducted by SDU (Math) on 7th June,2020. The webinar was presented by Dr. Srinivas Remidi on the topic Wave propagation on different elastic solids. The topic was the research topic of the speaker. The webinar covered the different aspects of the elastic solids and wave propagation
The theory of elasticity is the branch of solid mechanics which deals with stresses and deformations in elastic solids produced by external forces or changes in temperature. The classical theory of elasticity describes well the behavior of construction materials like polymers, rocks, metals and composites provided the stresses do not exceed the elastic limit and no stress concentration occurs. Further, the classical theory of elasticity is based upon the fundamental premise that all material bodies possess continuous mass densities and that the laws of motion and the axioms of constitution are valid for every part of the body no matter how small they may be. But experimentally, it was shown that the mass density varies when the volume is less than a critical volume. To remove the short comings of the classical theory of elasticity, several theories are developed including the microstructure. The theory of micromorphic materials is one among them. The theory of micro-isotropic, micro-elastic is the simplified theory of micromorphic materials. The theory of micropolar is a special case of theory of micromorphic materials.

In the study of wave propagation in different situations in any elastic medium, the prime interest is to obtain a frequency equation. In case of the study of reflection and refraction of waves, the prime interest is to obtain the amplitude ratios.

The target of the study is to obtain the frequency equations and amplitude ratios for waves in micropolar and micro-isotropic, micro-elastic media which will be useful in the studies in seismology, geophysics, biomechanics, bone modeling and geotechnical engineering for the characterization of oil deposits.

All Math staff attended the webinar. The webinar was organized under the guidance and motivation of the Math HoS Dr. Khalifa Al Shaqsi.