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Webinar on The Power of Java Framework in Web

Mohideen Jailani     15-02-2021 09:21:48

A Programming Approach to PrimeFaces by IT Department staff.

The pandemic of COVID 19 did not dampen the spirits of IT department staff as they continued with their staff development training programs through webinars. Under the guidance of Dr. Duhai Alshukaili the Head of IT Department, a webinar was conducted on 18th June 2020, on the topic “The Power of Java Framework in Web Development: A Programming Approach to PrimeFaces” by Mr. Mohideen Jailani, IT Lecturer, Nizwa College of Technology.
He explained that frameworks are the application skeletons or complete structures that provide the developers to build quickly highly rich, robust and sophisticated web application. Framework consists of number of collection of libraries that allow the user to begin developing rich internet application.
Java framework includes predefined classes and function that can be used to process, managing hardware and interact with the system software. It allows the java developer to develop application using java programming language. The primary advantages are reducing program effort, increasing performance, and providing interoperability and reducing designing effort.
Java framework for example, JSF (Java Server Faces) provides well-defined programming model and consists of rich API and Tag libraries. The Tags are used to add components on the UI layout and connect components with objects on the server.
Likewise, PrimeFaces framework is an open-source component framework to build web application using JSF and written in Java programming language. We can easily configure (zero configuration) with JSF and start developing robust application.
He conducted the webinar in two sessions comprising of presentation and hands on practice with NetBeans. Many staff from IT and Engineering department participated in the event. It started at 9am and went on upto 10.45am.
The Head of IT Section, Mrs. Alice Lontok opened the webinar while Head of Network and IES Section Mrs. Suad Al Riyami delivered the vote of thanks. The webinar was moderated by Mrs. Sonia V. Soans, SDU Representative, Nizwa College of Technology.