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Engineering Department conducted a Webinar On Important New Capabilities Of AI HARDWARE And Their Architecture.

Vidhya Prakash Rajendran     20-10-2020 07:45:27

UTAS, Nizwa NCT IEEE student Branch conducted an online webinar on 15.10.2020 (Thursday) at 10. AM. The introduction was done by the IEEE student Branch Counsellor Dr. Bensujin, Head of the Section Engineering Department. Mr.Rajnikanth Uppara, Manager, Appstek corporation delivered the webinar on "Important new capabilities of AI HARDWARE and their architecture". Webinar covered the topics on various hardware components like Graphical Processing Unit (GPU’s), Tensor Processing Unit (TPUs), Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA’s), ASICs, Neuromorphic Chips, 3D stacking and IPU’s. GPU have more than 3000 cores allow us to split our batch up and run the training process on each of these cores in parallel. He also discussed about NIVIDA Jetson TX2 GPU architecture with parent and child grid. Gigaflops with double precision floating point hardware support with L1 and L2 cache. Also he discussed about coalesced memory access refers to combining multiple accesses into a single transaction. The session ends at 11.00 AM with more than 50 participants. The webinar was informative and useful for the participants