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Human Resource Department UTAS, Nizwa conducted a workshop on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Mrs. Sonia Victor Soans     15-02-2021 09:37:51

Human Resource Department in coordination with Information Technology Department conducted a four days’ workshop on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for staff of all colleges of UTAS, Sultanate of Oman from 18th Jan 2021 to 21st Jan 2021. The HR Department initiated the requirement of having a workshop on Artificial Intelligence as a result of the Staff Needs Analysis. After a thorough scrutiny under the direction of Head of IT Department, the resource person Mr. Krishna Puthran, currently working in Toshiba Software India Pvt. Ltd. an expert in this field who has industry experience of AI and its depth, was invited for taking up a workshop on the topic. This workshop was purely intended for staff of all departments and colleges under University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Oman, who would like to know the importance of AI from basics now and in future. Since the topic is vast and needs more time for explanation, Mr. Krishna gave a mini syllabus of 4 days. Thus a 4 days’ workshop was planned and the proceedings were recorded. 70 staff members registered for the workshop from different colleges under UTAS, Oman. The workshop started on 18th January 2021 at 5pm with a warm welcome by the staff. Mr. Krishna introduced the concepts of Artificial Intelligence from history to the current developments. The first day ended with a vote of thanks. Day 2 and Day 3 were eye openers for many of us as we attained more information on Machine learning and various algorithms. On Day 4, the concluding day, he explained Neural Networks, Deep Learning and continued with Machine Learning algorithms. A large number of questions were asked by the participants in the daily feedback collected from them. The resource person answered every query and showed various research aspects of the topics. The Head of IT Department, presented an e-certificate to the resource person as a token of appreciation and thanked him for the wonderful workshop. The program, ended with a vote of thanks. E-certificates were presented to the participants who attended the workshop for all the four days. The participants too thanked the management for the conduction of this workshop.