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Webinar on " Risk Management - Orientation Program "

Mr. Prabakaran.D     15-02-2021 09:39:43

Staff development unit of Engineering and IT department in association with the Human Resource department and Risk Management Committee conducted a webinar on " Risk Management - Orientation Program " on 03rd February 2021. The Resource person for the webinar is Mr.Prabakaran.D, Lecturer/ Engineering Department. Mr.Christy, RM Member/IT welcomed the participants
The awareness program is intended for the newly joined staff of the Engineering and IT department. The program emphasizes the importance of having a risk management system and encourage the team to contribute on improving the Risk Management.
The main objective of the workshop is to create awareness to the newly joined staff and RMC members with the latest revised version of Risk Management Policy and online Risk management system. The workshop also aims about risk management process, outlining types of risks, importance of risk management and supporting procedures of risk management like Risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluation, risk treatment and risk monitoring process. Finally demonstration of Online risk management system using eservices of the institution website is done.
After the presentation, the participants were asked to register the risk in online risk management system during the hands-on session.
The webinar was informative and useful exercise for the participants
The session ended with vote of thanks by Mr.Fakrudeen, SDU Coordinator of Engineering Department