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BSD Proceeds with the Second Senior/Graduation Project Students Research Writing Seminar

Mr. Elbert Vidal     23-02-2021 13:53:46

The BSD Senior Project Team organized a seminar for all the students enrolled in Senior/ Graduation project in Semester-2 on Wednesday, February 10th 2021. The objective of the program is to orient the students on the “Components of Research Methodology-Formulating Research Design”. Around 35 BSD students participated in the program.
Dr V.Vishnukanth Rao of the BSD Project Team, addressed the process of research design preparation. The contents discussed were Research Design, Classification of Research designs, Types of Data, Population and Sample, Tools for Data collection. Emphasis was given on types of research designs and their relevance, differentiation between population and sample, methods of data collection and types of sampling. Research instruments like questionnaire and interview schedule were discussed in detail.
The session ended with members’ interaction and clarification of queries raised.