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Preparation of Examination Questions: A Discussion on Best Practices

Mr. Elbert Bryan Vidal     25-02-2021 07:15:15

The Business Studies Department, through the collaboration between the Specialization Committee and the Staff Development Committee organized a webinar entitled “Preparation of Examination Questions: A Discussion on Best Practices”. The webinar enabled the participants to share about the best practices in preparing assessment tests, determine gaps in the administration of examinations and conceptualize questions that will cover the essential requirements of effective student assessments. The event was graced by Ms. Turkiya Al Busaidi, HOS Marketing while Dr. Mohammed Rafiq introduced the guest speaker.
The webinar was conducted by by Dr. Valliappan Nuthiah Chettiar, Assistant Professor and Head of the Accounting and Finance Major of the Department of Business Studies of the University of Applied Sciences-Nizwa. He opened his presentation by benchmarking on the practices of some notable universities in the United States, Canada and Australia.
Dr. Valliappan facilitated the webinar by engaging the participants to reflect on their current experiences in preparing examinations and comparing them with the methods and systems of other universities. 35 lecturers from the Business Studies Department attended the webinar. Clarifications about the expectations and parameters of effective examination preparation and administration were entertained. The program was closed by Dr. Edwin Premkumar of the Accounting Section of the Business Studies Department.