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Engineering Department organized a guest lecture on the topic “Demystifying - Artificial Intelligence”

Mr. Mohammed Ismail Iqbal     25-02-2021 10:40:25

The event was conducted on 17.02.2021 through online (MS Teams) with introducing about the guest to all the participants by Moreno P Villanueva, Lecturer, E &E Section and welcome note was given by Dr. Bensujin Bennet, HOS, E&E Section.
The resource person for the event was Mr. Saud Al Zakwani, Head of Data Science, and Petroleum Development, Oman. The talk covered a brief introduction on Artificial Intelligence, Data science and Machine learning, including physical and digital senses with an example, Data science process and types of machine learning.
The lecture dealt on the data sciences, it also covered what is data science, who coin the data science and who is data scientist. The lecture covered the key example a case study how students and machines compared with the help of teaching and machine learning.
Finally, he addressed the audience by saying the data science process has the following steps includes business understanding, data understanding, data preparation, model development and deployment. Also he explains the various type of machine learning methods and era how the AI and Data sciences growing gradually. Total of approximate 75 participants attended the event.