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BSD Project Committee proceeds with 4th Senior Project Webinar

Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan     17-03-2021 14:07:41

The Project Committee of the Business Studies Department organized a webinar entitled “Tips for Designing an Effective Questionnaire” in congruence with the committee’s webinar series on Writing Research Projects. The webinar is designed for all students enrolled in senior project. It was held last 25th February 2021 from 10am to 11.30 am.
Dr. Sangeetha TR, the resource person of first session, gave a detailed presentation about the different types of data and data collection tools to be used in doing social sciences research. Although there are many different types of tools available for research, the seminar focused on how to prepare questionnaires effectively. The speaker emphasized the fact that literature should be consulted extensively while developing questionnaires and the researchers should always stick on to the conceptual framework and research objectives to determine the data requirements to achieve the research objectives.
The different types of questions such as scale, ranking, dichotomous, open questions and their usage for different data requirements were also explained. In addition, the common flaws like loaded questions, ambiguous questions, using jargons, leading questions and other related matters were also discussed. To conclude, an activity was given to the students to identify the flaws in the construction of questionnaire.
The second part of the session was conducted by Mr Ramesh Krishna. The speaker explained the steps involved in the construction of questionnaires using Google Forms. Mr. Krishna’s talk centered on raising the awareness of students on google forms application and equip them to use various options available in google forms. The talk covered setting up a google form, fixing the settings for collaborating the same with different administrators, and preparing different types of questions in google form. The session ended with students’ interactions and clarification of doubts raised.