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Webinar on “Finite Element Analysis for Engineering Applications”

Dr.Shabbir Ahmed     30-06-2021 17:08:16

Staff development unit of Engineering department in association with the Human Resource department conducted a webinar on “Finite Element Analysis for Engineering Applications” on 23rd June 2021, for all Mechanical Engineering staff members of the Engineering Department. The Resource person for the webinar is Dr.Shabbir Ahmed, Lecturer/Engineering Department. Mr.Fakrudeen.J, SDU Representative of Engineering department welcomed the participants.
The webinar focused on different types of analysis can solve the complex problems in engineering and scientific applications which covers static structural analysis, dynamic analysis to crash analysis. Further he extended the session by describing the different boundary conditions for complex geometry during the analysis. Finally, he concluded the scope of FEA with software integration between solid modelling and analysis importance to achieve the more efficient and safest design according to the needs of the customer in the ongoing market trends..
This webinar was very informative and useful for all the participants.
The session ended with vote of thanks by Mr.Raqib Hussain, Lecturer/Engineering Department