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IT Department Annual Gathering 2021

Mr. Vinodkumar Kakde     01-07-2021 16:32:21

The Information Technology conducted its Annual Gathering for the Academic Year 2020-2021 on 24th June 2021. The Staff Development Unit of the IT department coordinated the event under the guidance of Dr. Duhai Khalifa Duhai Al-Shukaili, Head of IT Department, University of Technology and Applied Science, Nizwa.

As an integral part of the achievement of the University's Mission and Vision, the event was organized by the department in coordination with the Staff Development Unit (SDU) of the department, to motivate and appreciate the staff towards their valuable contribution and participation.The event was honoured with the presence of Dr. Ahmed AlShahri, College Dean and Chair -SDU, UTAS, Nizwa, and Dr. Abdullah Alazri the Assistant Dean and SDU Officer ,UTAS, Nizwa.

Dr. Ahmed in his encouraging speech congratulated and motivated the staff of the IT Department who delivered and participated in the department webinars and workshops to enhance and excel in the personal and professional development.

Dr. Abdullah, appreciated the achievement and the staff satisfaction. The Department was able to meet the staff needs with 100% achievement and staff satisfaction with an average 93%.

Mr Basith highlighted the staff's involvement to improve and cater the needs of the students during the pandemics. He appreciated the staff for exploring the new opportunities and meeting the challenges placed by the situation during this academic year.

The SDU coordinator presented the annual report on the activities with a video presentation. The vibrant topics of the Workshops and Webinars that have added values were- Industry-Institute Linkage, Artificial Intelligence, E-Learning tools and Tools and Technology, Academic Malpractice management,Risk Management, Conducting Research, etc. Overall, 27 events were conducted by the department, involving the staff of UTAS and participation from all over Oman. The National and International participation in events adding a feature of success to the activities conducted during the academic year.

The department remarked the valuable contribution of Late Mr. Sheikh Abdullah, and as a mark of respect, the department paid a tribute with one minute silence with prayers to grant the departed soul with paradise and rest in peace.