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100% Passing Rate of ETC Staff in Certiport Online Certification

Mr. Rommel Halcon     06-07-2021 12:45:06

Skill has become the global currency of 21st-century economies according to It can be acquired from different avenues from training to simulation and even actual experiences. The question that remains is how can anyone prove that he has the skill. One answer to that question is through certification. There are many trusted and sanctioned certification organizations in the world and one of them is Certiport.

In coordination with the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, vouchers have been given to willing and interested staff or students to take certification online. Luckily, 6 staff from ETC were awarded exam vouchers among several others including hundreds of students announcing their interest as well. In coordination with Ms. Zuwaina Al Riyami, exams were scheduled throughout the entire month of June.

After the dust settled, 6 out of 6 ETC staff were able to pass their corresponding exam. Microsoft Technology Associate – Windows Operating System, Network Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals, Database Fundamentals and Microsoft Certified Educator examinations were conquered by Zuwaina Al Riyami, Rommel Halcon, Ashrap Habil, Rodel Antonio, Arnel Marquez and Eshaq Al Mandhari. Reflecting the technical competencies and qualifications of the staff of Educational Technologies Center.