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Workshop in Management Research Using SPSS

Mr. Elbert Bryan Vidal     21-09-2021 12:42:02

Nizwa, Sept. 20, 2021. The Business Studies Department, through the collaboration between the the
BSD Research and Consultancy Committee headed by Dr. Mohammed Kutpudeen and the BSD Staff
Development Unit (SDU), headed by Ms. Rajani James and, organized a 3-hour workshop in advanced
statistics entitled Management Research using SPSS.
The workshop participants were the faculty researchers of the BSD and was moderated by Mr.
Abdulkadir Shehu Abdulwahab of the Marketing Section. The program was graced by the welcome
remarks of the department’s HOD, Ms. Nahid al Shukaili and was formally opened by Dr. Vishnukanth
Rao, one of the members of the RCC. The resource person was Dr. Mohammed Tahir of the HR Section
of the BSD.
The program aimed to share advanced statistical analysis for management research, specifically those
that that are causal-comparative or exploratory in nature. Through the 3-hour program, Dr. Tahir
thoroughly explained the processes that lead to a better and more accurate statistical results reporting.
As such, topics such as the proper coding of data, levels of measurement, reliability statistics,
measurement of assumptions, and results interpretation were elaborately discussed. Hands on exercises
were given too to help the participants apply the topics that were being discussed.
At the end of the program, Dr. Mohammed Kutpudeen the RCC Coordinator, urged the participants to
take the opportunity to write and publish more research works that infuses the knowledge that were
imparted by Dr. Tahir and to engage students more in the process of writing and publishing notable
The workshop was well-received by the participants and the department is optimistic that this will lead
to more researches that will be published by the BSD faculty members and students.