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QA Awareness and Operational Plan for AY 2021-22 conducted by Engineering Department

Mr. Prabhakaran.D     23-09-2021 18:06:08

Staff development unit of Engineering department in association with the Human Resource department conducted a webinar on " QA Awareness and Operational Plan for AY 2021-22 " on 16th September 2021. The SDU committee extends its benevolence and gratitude to the Resource Person, Mr. Prabhakaran Dakshinamurthy, QAU Representative of Engineering department Mr. Fakrudeen.J, SDU Coordinator of Engineering department welcomed the participants.

The session started with a key note address by Dr. Bensujin, Head of Section/E&E/Engineering Department. The QA awareness session covered the following topics to enrich the awareness of staff on QA activities:
• Basic Information about Motto, Mission, Vision, Core Values, Graduate Attributes, Organizational Chart, The College’s Quality Cycle and available QA related documents).
• Routine QA Activities and ADRI: Strategic Plan (SP) and Operation Plan (OP) how they are connected with the vision and mission.
• The webinar emphasizes on how the Operational plan is connected with committee action plan and the Operational plan achievement report and annual report is conscripted in every academic year and how the new Strategic Plan (SP) is prepared with conjunction with UTAS.

The program emphasizes the importance of spreading the QA awareness among all staff. The session ended with the vote of thanks by Mr. Raqib Hussain, Member of SDU committee of Engineering Department.