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ETC Research Planning Starts TODAY!

Mr. Rommel Halcon     10-10-2021 15:18:43

At the dawn of a new academic year, piloted by the Head of Center Mr. Eshaq Al-Mandhari, ETC began a course to delve into the research planning. Following a brief presentation about the research guidelines from Dr. Abdullah Al Abri, chairman of the Research & Consultancy Committee, a team of staff members began to devise a plan. In the plan were scheduled regular meeting, research proposals, and contributing to newly submitted research to actively engage in a new and emerging environment in ETC.
Being involved in submitting a research proposal last year gave a glimpse on the process and technicalities. Especially in the areas that the center found difficulties to comply. As Albert Einstein quoted, “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?” Even through the first time of submitting a paper seems like a research as well, subsequently, it passes the initial stage of peer review. These has motivated the group to pursue more application and challenge everyone to excel from previous submission.