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Information Technology Department Wishes a Good Farewell to Some of Its Staff”, September 29, 2021

Mr. Vinodkumar kakde     20-10-2021 17:52:49

Dr. Duhai Khalifa Duhai Al-Shukaili, Head of IT Department, UTAS-Nizwa presented a token of appreciation and a certificate of recognition with great pride to Dr. Khalifa Zayid Al Shaqsi, ADAA, UTAS-Nizwa for his 8 years of service and to Dr. Moazzam Arif for his 5 years of service in the Information Technology Department.

Dr. Duhai has thanked Dr. Khalifa for his contributions to the UTAS-Nizwa research portfolio. During his tenure as a head of the college’s Research and Consultancy Committee, he was able to secure several grants from TRC. Ms. Suad Al Riyami (HoS Networking) wished Dr. Khalifa good luck and mentioned the important role played by him when they both started their journey together in the IT Department. Ms. Alice (HoS IT) mentioned the kind support he has provided during the tenure.

Dr. Duhai also mentioned that the contributions made by Dr. Moazzam were remarkable and will never be forgotten. Ms. Alice Lontok also appreciated the contribution of Dr. Moazzam, especially at the foundation level. Mr. Vinodkumar mentioned his contribution to the ITD’s Cricket team, where Dr. Moazzam has been active and a key player with many awards received while playing .

The knowledge and expertise the staff has contributed at different levels in the IT Department is indeed part of the Department’s success, which is always appreciated and will never be forgotten.
Dr. Khalifa and Dr. Moazzam mentioned that they had always felt a homely environment and appreciated the kind support that was provided to them by the department staff at all times.

The Department thanked the departing staff for their invaluable contribution to the Information Technology department and UTAS Nizwa, extending their best wishes for their future endeavors and their career advancements.