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The BSD Senior Project Committee Conducts Webinar Series on Research writing

Mr. Elbert Bryan Vidal     02-11-2021 12:58:42

As the Advanced Diploma and Bachelor students of the BSD need to write a research as requirement to complete their degree, the BSD Senior Project Committee regularly conducts a series of trainings and seminars to augment classroom teaching on writing research projects. These initiatives are of great importance since the students still have a lot to learn about research writing and is pressed with time to complete their respective research projects.
For the whole month of October, the committee has already organized three webinars on writing a research. Dr. Sangeetha Natarajan started the series with the Orientation to Research Webinar which was held last Sept. 29, 2021. This was followed up by an hour lecture about Writing an Effective Review of Literature which was conducted last October 13, 2021 by Dr. Mohammed Rafiq, one of the lecturers in the BSD Accounting Section. Participated by 35 students, Dr. Rafiq explained in detail the meaning of research and research process, the literature review and its uses, reasons for critically reviewing the literature, steps involved in literature review, its structure and sources, and the ways of doing a plagiarism check.
Just recently, the third part of the series was conducted by Dr. Vishnukanth Rao, of the Marketing Section-BSD. Dr. Vishnu centered his webinar entitled Components of Research Methodology-Formulating Research Design. Impetus were laid on topics such as research methods and design, sampling and sampling methods and construction of data gathering instruments. Around 25 students attended the webinar which was held last October 27, 2021.
The Senior Project Committee strives to improve the quality of the research outputs made by the students by equipping them with the vital knowledge that they need in research writing.