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Workshop About Global Trends in Human Resource Management - 20 October 2021

Mr. Elbert Bryan Vidal     03-11-2021 13:41:45

As it is the intent of the BSD- Business Society, one of the core committees of the department, to augment the learning experiences of the students, it regularly conducts activities such as trainings and workshops that target specific student groups and emerging relevant topics. The Business Society is currently chaired by Mr. Khalid Al Shanfari of the HR Section-BSD.
An example of such activities is the recently conducted workshop about Global Trends in Human Resource (Management), which was conducted on October 20, 2021 at the Jibreen Hall. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Mohammed Kutpudeen, lecturer from the BSD- Human Resources Section. As a seasoned lecturer and researcher, Dr. Kutpudeen used the workshop to share his insights about the global trends in human resource management, the impact of technology such as artificial intelligence, people analytics, HR Business Partner and Green HRM.
The program was attended both online and on the venue by several Bachelor in HR students.