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ETC Team Builders Plans Ahead

Mr. Rommel Halcon     09-11-2021 13:43:07

In light of the recent success of team building activities, the Head of Center decided to form a team who will devise a plan for this year’s events. As team building strengthen the relationship between staff, the team was composed of staff from different section and will be led by Ms. Taiba. They started to brainstorm discussing the process and plans to bring into action. Trust and collaboration became the theme and will be the target characteristic of the undertaking.

As Helen Keller quoted, ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Ms. Taiba discussed the different activities which will be included in the team building. She reiterated that “the team building will met the objective because it touches the ETC staff.” The success of such events based on the great planning.